The Dean of Academic Affairs just told me that I’ve earned flattery. 

If you’d told me that she would even know who I am, let alone my work, before this year I would’ve laughed at you. 

It’s moments like these where I wonder if I will be able to resist the pull of Academia. 

Days like this make me want to become a Classicist

I had my Latin tutorial today and I was reading part of my translation and my professor just gave me the weirdest look because what I wrote didn’t really sound like English. (This is like a few minutes after he told me he hasn’t had someone at my level of Latin-ness in like over 10 years.) I think at first he was confused because normally my mistakes are pretty minor. I tried to reword it a few times but it wasn’t really working out; then I explained I understood the meaning of the Latin I just had no idea how to say it in English. He then sort of laughed and smiled and said that that was a good sign. He went on a little rant telling me stories about past Classics professors and translating poetry that pretty much amounted to there are some things that can’t be translated and it is good when you recognize that because then you understand the language and when you get down to it the stuff that can’t be translated is the real poetry.

So I am good at Latin I guess.